Mission & objectives


Mission: Organising the networking among SmartGrids demonstration projects in Europe

The overarching goal of the project is to implement and support the management, planning and networking process of the EEGI over the years 2012-2014, for a duration of 36 months, both within and beyond the European borders, which will enhance the delivery by the European network operators of the new knowledge needed to deploy Smart Grid solutions in the most effective way possible in EU27.


  1. MAP: To map the research, development and demonstration activities in support of Smart Grid deployment at transmission and distribution level, in Europe and abroad, against the priorities and goals of the EEGI roadmap.
  2. INTERACT: To foster a networking process between EEGI projects and engage with the other Smart Grids initiatives worldwide
  3. MONITOR: To support the definition, validation, updating and use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to assess the progress of the initiative and the consistency of project proposals with the EEGI expected benefits and to achieve EEGI-related project goals
  4. REPLICATE: To support scaling up and replication activities with the help of methodologies based on project KPIs
  5. DISSEMINATE: To prepare the means and tools in view of the dissemination of the new knowledge from the demonstrators related to the EEGI towards the grids community and its stakeholders
  6. UPDATE: To provide three revisions of the EEGI implementation plan which include a benefit assessment based on the program and project KPI