EEGI Projects

What is the EEGI label?


On the basis of the agreed EEGI Labelling Methodology approved in EEGI Team Meeting 7, interested promoters of European and National Projects are invited to send their request to be evaluated for the EEGI Label.

Find below the list of the EEGI labelled projects:


Project name Type Funding Label
Twenties Transmission European Core
Grid4EU Distribution European Core
InovGrid Distribution National Core
EcoGrid EU Distribution European Core
Umbrella Transmission European Core
Optimate Transmission European Core
iTesla Transmission European Core
e-Highway2050 Transmission European Core
SGSM Distribution National Core
PRICE Distribution National Core
Swiss2Grid Distribution National Support
COTEVOS Distribution European Support
SuSTAINABLE Distribution European Support
INCREASE Distribution European Support
IGREENGrid Distribution European Support
SINGULAR Distribution European Support
EvolvDSO Distribution European Support
PlanGridEV Distribution European Support
Isernia Distribution National Support
Smart House/Smart Grid Distribution European Support
DG DemaNet MV Distribution National Support
DG DemoNet LV Distribution National Support
GridBox Distribution National Support
GARPUR Transmission European Core
IDE4L Distribution European Support
Jouw Energie Moment Distribution National Support
Linear Distribution National Core
MetaPV Distribution European Support
More Microgrids Distribution European Support
Smart Poligeneration Microgrid Distribution National Support
SmartGen Distribution National Support


We would like to thank all project coordinators for their participation and valuable contribution. The EEGI Labelling is an ongoing activity and we will continue to evaluate more applications as they are received.



All knowledge sharing activities carried out by these projects will be promoted here; you can check all events on our calendar.


As for now, EEGI labelled projects have been invited to participate in the events organised by GRID+ and they have had the opportunity both to present their latest achievements and to interact with other projects having common interests.


Find below examples of their participation in GRID+ events.