ENTSO-E Launches a Tender on Cost Benefit Analysis for Electricity Balancing, deadline 1st July 2014


For the purpose of an ‘early implementation’ of the future Network Code on Electricity Balancing (NC EB), ENTSO-E is launching a call for tender to develop a common Cost Benefit Analysis methodology and secondly, a Cost Benefit Analysis methodology for the harmonisation of Imbalance Settlement Periods (ISPs) pursuant to the draft NC EB.


The draft NC EB foresees a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) on modifications of the European Integration Model, on harmonisation of the Imbalance Settlement Periods (ISPs), and on transitional exemption from the T​SO-TSO Model for Exchange of Balancing Capacity.

Considered as a first step of the early implementation of the NC EB, the methodology for the harmonisation of ISPs will begin drafting in 2014. The CBA will:

  • define and analyse planning cases (e.g. 15 minute imbalance settlement all over Europe);
  • define criteria groups for evaluation (e.g. costs of metering, benefits of liquidity, etc.); and
  • define how to evaluate each group and what results to expect (Euros, Score).

The final result will be a multi-criteria analysis for each planning case.


Deadline: 1 July 2014 (17:00 CEST)


To know more about the tender or the application process, please visit this webpage.