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ENTSO-E Launches a Tender on Cost Benefit Analysis for Electricity Balancing, deadline 1st July 2014


For the purpose of an ‘early implementation’ of the future Network Code on Electricity Balancing (NC EB), ENTSO-E is launching a call for tender to develop a common Cost Benefit Analysis methodology and secondly, a Cost Benefit Analysis methodology for the harmonisation of Imbalance Settlement Periods (ISPs) pursuant to the draft NC EB.


EEGI KPIs Questionnaire opened!


The purpose of this questionnaire is to support a preliminary qualitative analysis of the progress that has been made and the achievements of European and national projects that support the objectives defined in the EEGI R&I Roadmap. This questionnaire is designed to collate the necessary data from projects in a short and simple but effective manner that will enable this evaluation to take place.

UMBRELLA Workshop in Brussels on 24th June 2014


On 24th June UMBRELLA’s Consortium is arranging in Brussels the Workshop called:

Energy Efficiency in Today’s Economic Environment: understanding the market & overcoming green-wash through new & innovative technologies


TWENTIES results event, 22th May (also web streaming)


TWENTIES results event, 22th May


REE, as project coordinator, has planed an event in Madrid on the 22nd May 2014 where TWENTIES project results will be shown.

You can get access to the agenda here (in Spanish only).

GRIDbox, the new EEGI labelled project

What is the EEGI label?


GRIDbox is added to the list of EEGI labelled projects. It is a national project form Switzerland entitled "Open real-time distribution grid control system" and it is coordinated by Supercomputing Systems AG.