Find in this section the list of issues of the bimonthly EEGI Newsletter.  They issue contain information on the progress of the EEGI and the activities directly related to it such us updating of the implementation plan and roadmap, international cooperation and relevant events. The reader will also be updated on the most relevant progresses of EEGI projects, at national and international level.

This Newsletter is designed and written by the GRID+ consortium.

On this issue of the newsletter you will find information about our interaction workshops and webinars as well as on the latest tool launched by GRID+ project: Grid Innovation on-line, which facilitates knowledge flows and exchanges among new, ongoing or completed R&D&I projects. Do not hesitate to access or submit your articles!

September will be a very busy month at GRID+. We are fine-tuning all tools and methods we have been preparing to support EEGI stakeholders in the roll-out of the smart grids in Europe. Therefore we kindly advice you to do not miss our next and last issue of the Newsletter, which will be full of details on what is in it for you. In the meantime, we wish you a wonderful summer break!

GRID+ Project is once more participating in the EU Sustainable Energy Week with an event on the 24th in the Charlemagne building called “Tools to support the European electricity grids initiative”. Besides, GRID+ is organizing several Interaction Workshops and Webinars in order to participate in the knowledge sharing activities and contribute to the visibility of Smart Grids initiatives and projects in Europe. Do not miss the chance to attend these events! On this newsletter you will also find information about the new EEGI Implementation Plan 2015-2017 and the new Grid+ tool Grid Innovation on-line. Stay tuned to all the news!

One month to go until the 3rd edition of InnoGrid2020+, do not forget to register! Additionally, GRID+ is organizing several interaction Workshops and EEGI labelled projects are regularly holding events to disseminate their results among stakeholders. We hope you do not miss the chance to attend these events and to participate in the knowledge sharing activities.

Two news included on this issue of the newsletter are to be highlighted.

First of all, the GRID+ is, among other activities, conducting a public consultation on the draft Implementation Plan 2015-2017 of the EEGI Research and Innovation Roadmap 2013-2022.

Second, the 3rd edition of InnoGrid2020+ -the European transmission and distribution research and development conference- will take place on the 25-26th March 2014.

This issue of the newsletter has been sent before time as the EEGI has urgent news to share with you. The most important announcement is the invitation for the half-day seminar on Storage Mapping to be held in Brussels the 10th of October 2013. The seminar will present an overview of the development of storage within Europe.

On another front, our website includes now a questionnaire to investigate the scalability and replicability of smart grid projects and the results of the latest review of applications for EEGI label will be announced here.

Finally, from now on you can follow GRID+ and the EEGI on Twitter and Linkedin.

The fifth issue of the EEGI Newsletter proves that the smart grids community is not taking a summer break. GRID+ presents the results of its two latest events and keeps on delivering outcomes. It is worth highlighting the work which is being done in terms of knowledge sharing.

The results of other important European initiatives and organisations are also promoted along this issue. You will find here the priority topics of the Strategic Research Agenda of the ETP SmartGrids, the report on lessons learned by the JRC, etc.

Finally, this issue recalls all smart grids project managers, that the EEGI labelling procedure goes on and we are looking forward to receive new applications.

Here you have the fourth issue of the EEGI Newsletter. This time we focus on interaction, as fostering a networking process and exchange of information within and beyond the EEGI community is a key overall objective of GRID+.

GRID+ is increasingly active on this field and is always searching for new opportunities of interacting. This issue of the newsletter reports previous events and announces upcoming workshops which might be very interesting for you.

The February edition presents the first results of the assessment of the EEGI and the updated research and innovation roadmaps and implementation plans both on transmission and distribution issues. The newsletter also includes information on the new mapping of storage technology RD&D and, as usual, an overview of GRID+ delivered outcomes. The new logo of the EEGI is also displayed.

This issue focuses on the main developments of the EEGI presented during the 8th EEGI Team meeting. This includes the 2013 calls, the prioritization of research activities at long term carried out by the ETP SmartGrids, a mapping of storage projects, and the recent achievements of the GRID+ Project.

Regarding the latter, it is worth to highlight the kick off of the Labelling activity. The EEGI Label acknowledges that a specific project is in line with the spirit of the EEGI. Having this label provides projects with additional visibility and might facilitate additional financing to proposals at National and European level. Promoters of related projects are invited to send their request to be assessed for the Label.

This first issue of the Newsletter announces the public consultation for the update of the EEGI Roadmap, a key activity within the GRID+ Project. In addition, up to date information on the outcomes of the first year of GRID+ Project is provided. It includes a description of the upcoming ISGAN event in Nice, which will be very important to achieve the international outreach intended by GRID+. A presentation of the report developed by the EEGI Member States Initiative is also comprised.